3 ways to finally get your beauty sleep

It’s been a loooong day.

Your weary body is looking forward to slinking into your sheets and snuggling under a big fluffy blanket to catch some serious zzzzzzz’s.

Except as soon as you get comfy, you can’t seem to – you know – actually FALL ASLEEP.

Your mind keeps rolling like a tilt-a-whirl, rumbling around your to-do list, playing the events of the day on an endless loop, constantly wondering “what if this…” or “what if that…”

All you wanna do is get some sleep. But at this point? It seems impossible.

~ Beauty sleep is essential ~

Not only does it rest & restore our constantly on-the-go bodies and help process our thoughts in our vast memory bank, it’s also the golden key to waking up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ready to tackle the day and anything that’s thrown at us.

Fortunately my love, great sleep isn’t just a thang of your dreams like Ryan Gosling.  All you’ve got to do is set the scene…

Here are 3 ways to
finally get your beauty sleep.


1. Dreamify your space

Want those sweet, sweet dreams of Mr. ‘Hottie’ Gosling in your own steamy version of Fifty Shades of Grey?

Then you need to create your dreamy sleep sanctuary. Think luxury spa with a massive personality injection!

Put away your clothes, move that pile of Harper’s Bazaar magazines out of the bedroom, and tidy away any addition clutter creating chaos in your sleep space.

Clean sheets are bliss – throw your favorite sheets on your bed and imagine yourself melting into the cotton freshness.

Finally, spritz a little calming lavender water over your pillows and dim the lights.

Your bedroom is now ready to host you and those sexy dreams ;)


2. Create a sleepy time ritual

There’s no use in dreamifying your space if you can’t turn off the stressful, suspense-filled movie playing in your mind (aka: your real life).

Before heading off to bed, soak away tension and aches by stepping into a warm shower or bath fizzing with your favorite bath treat. Be present in the moment. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Feel the water cascade over your shoulders. Notice your muscles relax.

Slowly massage & cleanse your face.  Follow up with a decadent night moisturizer and eye cream and slip into your favorite snuggly pajamas.

One of my favorite things to include in my sleepy time ritual to steep + sip a soothing, caffeine-free, herbal tea from my favorite mug.

Now that your body is ready for bed, the next step is crucial for beauty sleep…


3. Pull the plug

Yes, that’s right, unplug all your electronics.  As I type these words, I picture you flying across the room Superman style, reaching for the power outlet, yelling “nnnnnoooooooo” in slow mode.

Know that I hear ya sister!  It’s the part of my beauty sleep routine that I also struggle with… big time.  Having said that, our little electronic devices are robbing us of quality sleep with uber-bright glowing screens and over-stimulating content.

Instead, dive into the pages of a book – a good old-fashioned, slow-paced book, with paper pages!

Reading isn’t your thing? No problem. How about writing a daily journal?  Pick up a pretty notebook and pen and let it all out on paper. Not in a “Dear Diary whine about my life” kind of way, but to capture highlights and lessons learned from the day. Journaling is a great way to process thoughts & feelings. That way you’re less likely to be kept awake by them rattling around your mind.

And finally, it’s time to switch-off the light!

If a racing mind is still blowing your beauty sleep, bring your concentration back to your breath. Focus on breathing in and out deeply through your nose. With each exhalation, feel the tension leave your body.

Play around with your beauty sleep routine to find what self-care ritual works best for your body.

With the right routine, you’ll wake-up bright-eyed & bushy-tailed ready to continue your self-care ritual in your morning routine.


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With love and gratitude,

Shelley Cohen