5 real reasons you really have nothing to wear

It’s an average morning.

You’ve just been woken by the annoying sound of your alarm clock.

Giving yourself a minute to wake-up, you scroll through your Instagram feed, double-tapping pics until you can’t stay in bed any longer.

With this fresh Insty inspo, you shuffle into your closet – ready to put on an adorable outfit and snap that mirror selfie. Except, what really goes down looks more like this:

You hastily you try on item-after-item…

Ugh too tight!

This looked so good in the dressing room, what happened?

Whyyy doesn’t this shirt look as cute as it does on that girl on Instagram? #instafail

Suddenly, your floor is filled with more clothes than are left in your closet.

You’ve got nothin’ – so you just toss on that same outfit you always wear and begrudgingly head out the door.

Truth Sparkle: I totally feel you on this “all is lost moment.” But, like any good movie, your happy ending is hidden right there in your closet!

Here are the…

5 real reasons you have nothing to wear


Your closet resembles Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve Performance (aka: a trainwreck)
There was once some kinda organization, but now it’s an overwhelming, jumbled mess of things that once filled your heart with glee. Instead, they now reside on the floor, stuffed into drawers, and haphazardly double slug over hangers. And, just like Mariah, instead of channeling your inner sparkle you just GIVE UP and let sexy men carry you around stage (okay, maybe that last part isn’t so bad ;-))

Reason #2:

Your closet is suffocated with clothes you never wear…like ever
Those clothes you bought on a whim but have never, like, EVER worn because you have nothing to wear with it, or they just don’t seem like your style. Those trendy pieces that need to go to a better home…but you can’t part with. And the ‘skinny’ jeans you’re totally going to fit back into… this year.

Your closet is stuffed full of clothes that never see the light of day. Oh yeah, and then there’s all the emotions…both good and otherwise…that bubble to the surface every time you meet!

Reason #3:

You’ve forgotten about the sparkly gems hiding in your closet
Like searching for your besties at a Beyonce concert, your sparkly outfit-gems can’t be found due to the sea of suffocating fabrics…”Oh there you are! Pardon me, I thought you were something else!

Reason #4:

Like the Babysitters Club books you had when you were a teen, you’ve totally outgrown your style…or have no idea what your style is at all!
Chances are, you’ve been through many transitions in your life – graduating uni (college), falling in love…falling out of love, welcoming sweet little bundles of joy into the world or mourning the loss of a precious angel, starting a new job…or saying goodbye to sweet colleagues, dealing with sneaky weight gain…or celebrating that those last 5lbs are gone.

These transitions not only bring changes to your lifestyle, dreams and mindset, they also bring change to your closet.

  • Maybe that grunge rock chic phase you went through after that break-up, no longer resonates with who you are today.
  • Maybe your body shape is different after having baby and your old clothes just don’t seem to fit the way they use to.
  • Maybe you were dressing for someone else…and not yourself.
  • Maybe you bought clothes on a whim…so nothing really goes together.
  • Maybe you’re still trying to find your style…through trial and error.

Reason #5:

You’re waiting on the weight
Oh this one’s a biggy…why bother with your closet now, cos you’re gonna lose like 20lbs…and then you’ll buy all the things to make you feel fabulous.

Seriously, this is the worst option.

Imagine how much more productive and motivated you would feel, if you felt feminine + fancy now? Imaging how much better you would feel about yourself if you could swirl into your closet for a sparkly confidence boost after a little slip-up…instead of being taunted by the clothes that remind you of everything you don’t want to feel?

That sounds so much better, right?!

Well my gorgeous fancy friend, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be like that!

Join my 5-day free New Year Closet Cleanse – where I’ll help you break up with the clothes in your closet that are holding you back from achieving your big goals, stopping you from feeling like a true girl boss, and making you settling for mediocre. It’s kinda like a juice cleanse…only way funner!

There are already so many amazing ladies joining up…there’s room for you too.

I’d love to see you there.

With love + confetti,

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