Are you Chasing a Curated Life?
You spend hours stalking Instagram feeds.

#OOTD is like your personal form of fashion crack.

You frantically pin your favorite outfits to your “Style Obsessed Forever” Pinterest board.

And then, after emerging from your social media coma, you snap into reality…

… only to find that nothing in your life looks like THAT.


How come the skirt that looked soooo cute on Stylista4967
looks boxy and frumpy on your frame?

Why does the super-adorable arm candy stacked up your wrist
make it impossible to type on your computer and, like, get work done?

Why does your green smoothie look like dead, brown grass
rather than the crisp green goodness filling up your feed?


Before you spiral out of control, start comparing (and despairing), or plunge into credit card debt trying to replicate all those OOTDs (Outfit Of The Day), let me fill you in on a massive behind-the-scenes secret…


None of it… is REAL.

These outfits, green smoothies, and whimsical workspaces (how do they get so clean???) are pulled together in fantasyland.

As a blogger, I’ve always delighted in staging gorgeous snaps to share with my community.

But, one day, that began to shift.

I realized that by constantly sharing sparkled up images of my life, I was cheating my readers.

Sure, it’s fun to have pretty pictures.

But, if that’s all you see – you can never get to know the real me.

So, in the spirit of full disclosure, here’s some behind-the-scenes scoop:
  1. I’m not really wearing that outfit, like, out in public. The outfit looks super cute snapped and edited for my blog but is totally unrealistic for my daily activities (who really needs to wear that many layers…every day!)
  2. I didn’t buy all those pieces I’m wearing. They were gifted or lent to me by companies that want greater exposure for their product. No credit card debt here.
  3. It takes 75-100 shots to get a good image. If anyone ever found my memory card, they’d definitely think I was a narcissist.
  4. While I never go full-out fashion magazine style editing (where you can’t even recognize the model/actress after it’s done) I do make some small edits to my shots to make them pop.
  5. Often, I’ll stage photo shoots where we shoot five different looks in one day, if the weather is nice or lighting is perfect. On these days, my husband comes home and thinks a bomb went off in the house.
  6. My desk is never, ever that clean.

Side note: Winnie never needed editing. #nofilter

I’m passionate about helping you live a sparkly, stylish life filled with energy and vitality.

Part of that is embracing fashion and delighting over your favorite fashionistas and bloggers as a not-so-guilty pleasure.

The other (more important) part is embracing who you truly are. Allowing fashion to inspire you, not define you. Feeling gorgeous in your own skin.

This is something I teach in You’re Gorg!. In the program, I walk you through the exact steps I took to feel great in my body and live a life full of vitality and sparkly little pleasures.

It’s not about curating a “perfect” life. Or, even curating one that looks just like mine.

It’s about creating a life you love, on your own terms.

Will you join me?

Click HERE for all the You’re Gorg! details and how we can play together.

With love and sparkles,
Shelley Cohen

are you chasing a curated life?

p.s. Have burning questions about You’re Gorg!? I’m here! I’m available for a quick phone chat or by email for anything you wanna know. ☺