Truth smack.

Most of us do not look like the models slinking down the runway.

We have curves, lumps, bumps and let’s be real… stretch marks that we want to strategically cover or conceal.

This is just one of the reasons that following fashion trends just don’t work for so many of us…

…oh and the fact that:

  • before you even figure out how to make the trend work for you it’s already out of style…never to be seen again! (cash. toilet. flush.)
  • dare I mention the cringe-worthy pics that surface years later that have us saying, “OMG what was I thinking?” (come on, you know you have them!)

So often I see women trying to pull-off a fashion trend that doesn’t compliment their beautiful body. This immediately makes me want to go into street-side makeover mode…Trinny & Suzanna style.

Having said that, so many women say to me, “But Shelley, I reaaaallly want to feel like I just walked off the page of my favorite fashion magazine!”

Okay, okay! I hear you love…

Recreating a style that you’ve seen in your fav fashion mag is easy-peasy but think about this:

  1. Does that style really reflect your personality?
  2. Does it suit your body type?
  3. Are the colors flattering to your skin tone?
  4. Does that style fit your actual lifestyle?

Chances are, you just answered those questions with a BIG FAT FASHION NO. (*sigh)  

You’re a gorgeous individual creature, why would you want to look just like someone else? I mean you’d never want to arrive at an uber cool party wearing the same frock as another lassie would you?

Whether you’re a die-hard fashion follower, the occasional trend dabbler, or a style novice, here’s how to embrace your true style while considering the latest fleeting fashions.


Dress for your body shape and individual style….always!

I’m not totally opposed to incorporating fashion or makeup trends into my wardrobe or beauty routine…

Having said that, incorporating trends in my opinion is all about playful interpretation and adaption!


Know your body shape + the silhouettes that look good on you and never compromise for the sake of a fashion trend.

My long legs and short torso paired with the current cropped tops, sweaters, jackets trend, makes me look completely ridiculous.

The style shortens my already length-challenged torso, oh and not to mention that I need to find a cami to wear underneath these tops if I want to do anything but stand still like a store mannequin.


Know what colors brighten your complexion or make you look ill, then steer totally clear of any thing that doesn’t lift you – physically or emotionally.

Warm colors typically look best on me: peach, coral, pink, while some shades of yellow make me look like I’ve had the world’s worst flu for a week!

Think about what items of clothes you’re most complimented on – color usually plays a big part in why this piece looks so amazing on you.


Only dabble in trends that you’d rock and feel amazing dressed in regardless if it’s IN or OUT.

Just like with technology, trends are out as fast as they came in these days.

You finally get the hang of styling your new piece…and poof…as Heidi would say on Project Runway, “you’re out!”

This is why I only suggest investing in trends that you love and want to rock no matter what’s in or out.

If you really feel the pull towards a certain trend but don’t see it being a long-term item in your wardrobe, opt for the cheaper, usually more wearable options provided by stores like H&M, Target, Forever21, or ASOS. Alternatively, stalk the sales of your fav store for a bargain.


Does your new trend crush compliment your current wardrobe?

Answered no…you bet you’ll spend more money trying to make this trend work by filling your closet with more pieces that likely won’t compliment your style or closet.


Don’t get me wrong, being the fashion girl geek that I am, I love knowing the latest trends to hit the runway. But, what I value more is filling my closet with clothes that reflect my sparkly personality, suit my body shape and continue to pay-off for years to come.

Never sacrifice your style or what looks good on your body for the sake of a fleeting fashion trend…unless you’re heading to a fancy dress party!

Got a tragic faux pas that makes you laugh? Hit reply to spill the beans with me or if you’re really brave, post your pic on Instagram and use the hashtag #fashionsparkleflop

I’ll even go first…

Just some of the crimes I’ve committed against myself:


With love and gratitude,
Shelley Cohen