Once upon a time there lived a fabulous but frazzled girl boss…

… the sun streaming sparkling rays of warm light into her bedroom,
… a purring kitty snuggled under her arm; and
… the aroma of fresh coffee wafting from the kitchen.

On this gorgeous, normal workday – you know, emails to tend to, clients to inspire + delight, Instagram pics to double tap, and an ever-growing to-do list – she tiptoed with wild hair and sleepy eyes, over to her closet, to pick an outfit for her day.

Gently, she cracked open her closet door, but suddenly, it flies open… revealing a closet nightmare. [cue spooky laughter, thunder + lightning]

Instead of the beautifully organized closet, full of gorgeous outfits she once owned – she found herself staring at a truly frightening sight…

An overstuffed, overwhelming, totally disorganized closet bursting at the seams with ‘stuff’ – but still she had nothing to wear.

It was a legit closet nightmare!

Quickly, she slams the closet door shut, stays in her PJs, and scurries off to work… thankful that she’s not attending a conference, speaking gig, or photoshoot.

Does this overstuffed, overwhelming, disorganized closet nightmare sound vaguely familiar, love?

If your closet resembles a trainwreck of things that once filled your heart with glee, but feels more like a chaotic mess of unloved clothes on the floor, stuffed into drawers, and haphazardly double slug over hangers…

And if you’re slowly nodding, thinking OMG totally!

Then join me for the…

New Years Closet Cleanse Challenge!

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From January 10 – 16, 2018

I’ll help you break up with the clothes holding your overstuffed closet hostage, and stopping you from achieving your big goals, feeling like a true girl boss, and making you settling for mediocre. Ewww!

Click here to sign-up today and I’ll help you turn that closet nightmare into a total fairytale!

With love + cleansed closet bliss,

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