If you’re suffering from a nasty case of Mondayitis, I’ve got some crazy exciting news to share, that will having you tossing confetti like this guy…


One thing that I’m so incredibly grateful for, is being able to run an online, location independent business that makes my heart pitter-patter with love, excitement and deep fulfillment.

I can literally pack up my laptop, camera, polka dot notebook + sparkly pen and swirl into any coffee shop across the world with a wifi connection…

New York, Santorini, Bordeaux, San Francisco, London, Brisbane, Baton Rouge, Phuket…the world is my bright and shiny playground!

But after the recent success of hosting my first online class (You’re Gorg!™) with a group of beautiful women, I felt like something was missing.

I craved a deeper connection with my community…aka YOU!

Ultimately, I wanted a place that we could talk about your style & makeup dilemmas, how to make your shiny big dreams a reality, and dive into conversations around morning routines and rituals.

Basically I wanted to create a place where I could wave my sparkly pom-poms and help you style a life you l-o-v-e!

Well lovely, today I’m crazy excited to invite you to join the brand new and totally FREE…

Style Lovers & Glittery Besties Facebook Group

Our very own, private online space where we can connect more deeply about style, beauty and self-love + anything else you feel called to share!

I adore the feeling captured by a heart-centered community but when your playground is online, you kinda miss out on that in-person, giggling at brunch and spilling secrets with your besties, sort of stuff.

And so the Style Lovers & Glittery Besties group was created – and might I say, was 100% inspired by the seriously incredible feedback I received from the darling group of women who played with me last Fall, in the You’re Gorg!™ class Facebook group.

Gorgeous, I’d be absolutely delighted if you’d like to join me and keep this truly amazing, heart-centered connection party going, OVER HERE.


Sign-up and you’ll also receive a copy of Mirror Mirror – an eBook that feels like a fashion magazine to help you makeover your morning routine.

I’m so excited to support you in this super fun way and really special way…and of course, random dance parties are included!

Cheers to you sweet friend and our sparkly new community to becoming even more blissfully connected.

With love and confetti,
Shelley Cohen