New Year 2013 From Shelley With LoveWow, 2013!

Happy New Year!  Can you believe that yet another year is over?  I’m still in denial!

While I was growing up, I spent every New Year’s Eve with my family.  Some of my fondest family memories are of this time of year.

As a kid, my favourite thing to do after the clock struck twelve was to stand stand toe-to-toe with my Mum to compare my height against hers (insert saluting motion – you know, the one you do as a kid to see how tall you are).  Every year I would tell her, “I’m nearly as tall as you!”  Ha, well after all those years, my Mum gets the last laugh.  Not only did I fail to reach my Mum’s height of 5’7″ but all of my younger siblings (excluding my 8 year old sister and 12 year old brother) are taller than both myself and my Mum.  Talk about ‘never counting your chickens before they hatch!’  

Another thing I would tell my Mum was how many years there were until I could drive a car (don’t ask me why I found this so important to tell her every year – in a hurry to grow-up I guess).  Her response was never a favourable one and I could not understand why.  I now get that my statement was a sure-fire way to scare the pants off any parent!  I would also share my ‘years until I can drive a car’ statement with my Dad, who would say to me, “By the time you can drive, we will be flying cars!” Good one Dad, good one!   

These days, I prefer to take a moment to reflect on the things that I experienced, achieved and learnt over the last twelve months and plan my goals for the year ahead (I’m not so much of a ‘resolutions’ gal). 

Here are some of my personal 2012 highlights:

♥  Holidaying in some amazing places and meeting new friends.

Holiday in LA | From Shelley With LoveHoliday in San Francisco | From Shelley With Love
Holiday in Chicago | From Shelley With Love
New York City Vacation | From Shelley With Love

  Launching From Shelley With Love to share my slight beauty, fashion and lifestyle obsessions.

From Shelly With Love Blog

♥  Celebrating my 30th birthday in New York City with some of my favourite people.

ABC Kitchen New York City

  Saying ‘yes’ when my best friend asked me to be his co-captain, on my birthday!  We’re engaged!

Shelley Anderson Engaged

All that excitement sure made 2012 fly right by – well let me tell you, the excitement doesn’t stop there.  2013 is shaping up to be one of the biggest and most memorable years of my life yet!

Here are some exciting events happening in my life during 2013:

♥  Marry my best friend twice (yes, twice.  Read about our story – part 1, part 2, part 3),
  Commence my final year at university (I study part-time),
  Move countries (that’s right, I’ll be saying goodbye to my home in Brisbane, Australia to start a brand new chapter in Houston, Texas – the cowgirl boots are ready!),
♥  Quit a job that I love (boo-hoo) and hopefully (crossing my fingers) find one that I love equally…if not more; and
  Continue to develop, build and get creative with my blog.

My focus during 2013:

Given how important this year is to me (for all the reasons listed above), I’ve decided to put more energy into two items on my priority list.  Both of these items have always been important to me (they are not resolutions) but I have put other things on my priority list ahead of these items.  My 2013 focus will be improving my healthy lifestyle by:

 Continuing to eat as clean as I can and eliminate as much sugar from my diet as possible.

Healthy eating habits | From Shelley With Love

 Continue to improve and learn new techniques for dealing with stress (this is critical for me).

keep calm and meditate

I’m thankful for:
♥  My amazing and supportive family and friends.

Family First

  My adorable furry companion, Winnie – a Silver Tipped Chinchilla Persian, who lights up my life.

Chinchilla Persian Cat

  The beautiful city and country in which I live (I’m going to miss this place!). 


  And, my wonderful fiancé who gets the core of who I am and challenges me to be a better person.  I love you!

Shaun & Shelley | From Shelley With Love

It’s going to be a massive year and I am so excited to bring you all along with me on this amazing journey!

Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous new year 2013!  What are you looking forward to this year?

With love and gratitude,

Shelley Cohen