How to cleanse your closet and your confidence

How to detox your closet

This post is the first in our “your get ready rituals” series… away we go!

Push up your sleeves and tie your hair back into a cute ponytail.

Today, we are scrubbing away the gunk & grime that clog up your closet (and I’m not talking about dust n’ dirt!)


Go ahead and open your closet.

What do you see?

Is it overstuffed with items that you haven’t worn in gosh knows how long, but you’re hanging onto just in case they come back into vogue?

Do you have pieces you bought on a whim but have never, like, ever worn because you have nothing to wear with it, or it just doesn’t seem like your style?

Are you holding onto pieces that never really fit quite right, but you think one day they’ll slip on beautifully?

If any of these ring true, you may be suffering from Desperately Clinging to Clothes Syndrome (D.C.C.S.)

D.C.C.S. is a real-life style disease (I swear!) where we desperately hold onto clothes that no longer serve us for a myriad of reasons.

  • I spent sooooo much on that, one day I will wear it!
  • I WILL fit in those skinny jeans again.
  • But it looked ahhh-mazing on that fashion blogger! I must be doing something wrong. #wtf

Not only are these clothes taking up a whole heapa room in your closet, they’re sucking up a whole heap of your energy and stopping you from being your best sparkly self.


Here’s what I want you to do…

Grab your favorite frothy-cup-of-whatevs… latte, green juice, or a bottle of wine. No judgies.

Put on your favorite Pandora station and crank those endorphin rushing tunes – here’s a playlist I prepared earlier for you.


Try on every. single. item in your closet.

I know, I know, this sounds super daunting. Trust me, if you do this, you’ll be cured of D.C.C.S. forever.

Stand in front of a full size mirror and ask yourself these questions:

Does this item make you feel amazing?
Does this item fit you properly?
Does this item flatter your body shape? (find out your body shape here)
Could this item work better with a little tailoring?
Is this item in good condition? (no stains, holes, rips)
Have you worn this item in the past 6 months (or 12 months for seasonal pieces)?
Is the color of this item flattering against your skin tone? (does your skin look brighter?)
Does this item go with at least 3 other piece in your closet?

If you answered “yes” to ALL the above questions, your item is a keeper. Wheeee!

If you answered “no” to ANY of the above questions, that item’s gotta go.

Say thanks for the memories and kiss it goodbye!

  • For stained, ripped or torn items, toss them in the trash. Buh-bye.
  • Hold a party for your besties to come and pick over your goods.
  • For an insta-hit of joy and self-satisfaction, donate them to your fav charity.
  • If an item was expensive and you just can’t let it go because of the price tag, try selling your pieces:
    • Tradsey is a great place to sell designer labels,
    • Poshmark is fun and social; and of course
    • there’s eBay or your local consignment store for everything else.

Your closet should be a place that boosts your confidence, not saps it dry before you even take a step out the front door.

If you’re reading this thinking: “But Shelley, I don’t wanna throw anything away!!!!!”

You can think of me like your bestie/style therapist on speed dial.

I have a limited number of 15-minute Love your Wardrobe sessions open for free. We meet on Skype (or by phone) and I’ll talk you off the style ledge. You’ll leave with plenty of confidence and sparkly tips on loving everything in your closet. Promise. ☺

With love and sprinkles of confidence,
Shelley Cohen