How to Get Your Workout Mojo Back

I’m a total believer in moving your sweet buns. A great workout leaves you in a mist of magical “feels” – a place where your confidence soars and happiness fills your heart.

However, just because I believe in exercising, doesn’t mean I’m a hopelessly devoted “gym rat.” An angry trainer screaming at me to push a massive tire around that’s 20 times my body weight? Ummm… not for me.

Recently I received this question from Kate, a gorgeous member of the FSWL Tribe {not a member…what are you waiting for love?  Pop over here.}


Hey Shelley, do you have any cheap tips on how to keep motivated to exercise and what form of exercise is easiest to keep up with?

I feel like there’s a lot of pressure out there to consistently put 110% effort into working out almost every day or else it won’t do anything, and that completely demotivates me.  I feel like what is the point of even trying.  Most people have full time jobs, houses to clean, loved ones to spend time with…the list goes on.  

I look forward to seeing your answer. – Kate


First, let me say that the “pressure” to workout every day or it’s not worth it? Total B.S.

Moving your body is HEALTHY – no matter how hard, or frequently you do it.

The only thing you need to do is find a workout routine that you’re obsessed with. Something that’s sweaty & pleasurable.

If you try to fit into the box of what someone says is “the only way to workout, ever,” then you will most certainly be embroiled in a constant motivation battle. And most likely opt to sit on your couch with a bowl of strawberry ice cream and a New Girl marathon.


So… what’s the magic exercise routine that you’ll actually stick to?

Whatever activity makes you bounce up and down with excitement and come back over-and-over again.

Figuring out which activities get your heart dancing is actually super fun. It’s kind of like… dating.  


::  STEP 1 – Schedule Workout Dates

Forcing or pushing yourself to participate in any activity not only feels icky (dread, pressure, procrastination), but it’s also the fastest way to fall out of love with your healthy lifestyle devotions.

Getting your heart rate up can totally be pleasurable! Think of workouts like dating. Try out a bunch of new options until you find jusssst the right match.

Here’s bunch of “hot date” workouts you can try:
// crank your favorite tunes and shake your booty like Beyonce {I made this playlist for you}

// grab a gal pal and go for a brisk walk or jog – breathing in the fresh air

// ride a bicycle through the park

// take a free online yoga class {like this one}

// search for fitness related groups in your area on Facebook {hello new friends}

// go a round (or two) in the sack with your lover {blush!}

// schedule several workout mini breaks during your day {two minutes of burpies anyone?}

// grab a pogo stick and bounce around like a bunny

// hula hoop like you did when you were 10 {I love this one}

// find a running trail – take note of your time and try to beat it next time

// grab the vacuum and clean your house “Risky Business” style

// sign-up with a dodgeball team…or start your own {you’ll spend so much time laughing, you didn’t realize you were working out  – this was one of the funnest activities I’ve ever done.}

// find a barre, hot yoga, pilates studio in your neighbourhood

// race against the clock on a treadmill – increase the speed as you get fitter.

Mix up your workouts to keep things hot & steamy in your healthy lifestyle devotion.  In other words, don’t just stick to one activity…unless that’s totally your thing…then rock on sister!


Motivational Mojo Tips

I’ve got great news for you – by scheduling hot dates with exercise and figuring out what activities make you swoon with delight, you’ve already nailed the hardest part of staying motivated.

It’s a fact that when we become obsessed with something, we will always find a way to fit our obsession into our schedule.

However, we all have days that we just need a little extra pep in our step.  Here are some ideas to spark your motivation mojo:

Once you’ve found the activities that have you hooked, why not mix them up to keep the spice in your healthy lifestyle devotion?  In other words, don’t just stick to one activity…unless that’s totally your…then rock on sister!


::  STEP 2 – Kit Yourself Out With a Cute New Outfit

This is one of my favourite things to do to re-motivate myself – I mean seriously, who doesn’t love getting sweaty in a hot new outfit?!  If an entire new workout outfit is out of reach, trying grabbing a fun new top or hat.  Piece-by-piece you could pull an outfit together over time.

The KEY here is to add items to your workout wardrobe that make you feel great.

If you don’t like tight fitting tops, don’t wear them.

Hate wearing short…stick to tights or yoga pants.

Personally, I lovvvve including colour – the brighter the better. It peps up my mood and puts a smile on my face, before I even get started.

These are my tips for picking out workout clothes:

// When it comes to tights and yoga pants, go for quality over cost.
I know, I know…we’re talking cheap options here however, in this case, investing a little extra initially will be cheaper in the long run.

A good quality workout pant will last FAR longer than that of its cheaper sister.

I’ve had the same workout pants for the past 5 years and they are still going strong – no holes, no material thinning, or sagging elastic.  Oh and they were being used everyday, twice a day for a year and every other day there after.  Seriously!

Nobody wants to see your butt through the sparse fibers of your pants…and I’m sure you’d be mortified if you knew that was happening ;)

// Grab a firm fitting sports bra
Secure the ‘girls’ in place with a firm fitting sports bra.  I like to continue my bright coloured theme – not only is it fun, but the bra can add an additional element to your overall outfit by peeking though cut-outs in your top.

// Save on the tops, t-shirts and hoodies
If you’re budget conscious, this is where you can be a little more frugal.

In general, I believe there isn’t the greatest difference in quality between a high-end brand and some of the more affordable fitness brand.

There’s a colour and style to suit your taste, personality and healthy lifestyle devotion.

// There’s nothing like a new sneaker
If I’m going to buy just one workout piece to reinvigorate my motivation, it would have to be…the sneaker {or tennis shoes}. 

These days we are spoiled for colours and style choices that are not only super comfortable and yes, practical but uber stylish too.

Need some outfit inspiration?  

Here are some of my favourite place to shop for my workout wardrobe:

The final step to ongoing workout motivation is:


:: STEP 3 – Set Pleasure-Filled Goals & Rewards

This post on how to set pleasure-filled goals may help you here.  It’s really important not to beat yourself up or feel guilty if you have an off day.

Consider rewarding yourself for your achievements and accomplishments – no matter how big or small.

[left]Possible Goal
Complete a 40 day beginners yoga practice

Run at speed 11 on the treadmill for 5 mins

Have a dirt-free house

Make a new friend at dodgeball[/left]

[right]Potential Reward
Buy lust-worthy new yoga pants

Purchase a new song from iTunes

Spend the day at the beach

Bake cupcakes to share with new friend[/right]

You catch my drift!  A reward can be as big or small as you want it to be, as long as it’s something that’s feels completely pleasurable to you.

At the end of the day, working out is a personal experience for everyone.  We all have different goals and motivators.

Workout as many times a week as it feels right to you and don’t let your inner mean girl dictate how frequently you should be doing anything.  Chances are, if you’re participating in an activity that you LOVE, you’ll want to do it more and more.

Just lace-up those shoes and get out there!


Over to you!

Tell me in the comment section below:

“Which workout are you scheduling a hot date with?” Share it with me in the comments below. Like any good girlfriend, I’m here to gab about all the juicy post-date details!


Need help with your motivation mojo?

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Thanks so much for your question, Kate!  I hope you found this article helpful.  If you have any addition questions, feel free to email me here.

Good luck beautiful!

With love and gratitude,

Shelley Cohen