Is your closet sabotaging you?It’s here.

The mega HOT date.
The crazy-awesome event you’ve been dying to go to.
The interview for your dream job. The one you never thought you’d get. Ever.

You unravel every detail in your mind.

Daydream and dance at how the events will unfold.

And, suddenly, as feverishly as your excitement came…

… it vanishes.


Because you have NOTHING TO WEAR.

Before you face-plant into a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey, let me stop you right there, girlfriend. 

Sure you have something to wear.

Everybody has something to wear!

And everything you need to make a statement is at your pretty little fingertips.
Is your closet sabotaging you?

First thing’s first.

Your closet should be filled with pieces that make you feel like a supermodel.

Not happening?

Then grab a copy of my MIRROR, MIRROR challenge. It’s free, and jaw-droppingly easy to do.
Is your closet sabotaging you?

Next, from a beauty and style standpoint,

what can you incorporate into your look that will light you up?

This could be:

+  a hot pair of shoes
+  a bold colored lipstick
+  a statement necklace
+  a skirt that makes you want to twirl in circles
+  a jacket that makes you feel a little edgy

… or something else.

Grab that piece and use it as the pop of sparkle you need to shake up your look, and your confidence.
Is your closet sabotaging you?

Then, play a little dress-up!

Remember those days as a giddy young girl, twirling around like a fairy princess and piling on jewelry, enormous amounts of pink blush, and anything else you could find?

Channel your inner princess, crank on your favorite tunes, and:

  • Try mixing different colors, textures and prints.
  • Put on pieces that you would never think of wearing together – you never know what hidden gems you may discover.
  • Spice up an old favorite by layering necklaces or stacking your wrist with arm candy.


And, finally, snap a selfie in the mirror after each outfit you create, and love.

This will help you compare each outfit together and help you remember your winning combos.

Hint: these selfies are also super helpful to save and file in your phone when you’re out shopping!

You might be thinking: but Shelley, can’t I just BUY a new outfit?

Of course you can.

But, rather than rushing around for hours trying desperately to put together the perfect outfit, try shopping your closet – first.

I’m betting it might be the best place in town to find that perfect outfit.

With love and gratitude,

Shelley Cohen



P.S. I’d love to hear all about your closet shopping! Comment below and let me know all the gems you’ve discovered. I’m all ears.