curious traveler, let your spirit be your guide

Delightfully carefree.
Cross-body bag slung over my shoulder.
Wide-eyed and buzzing with excitement and anticipation of what I might find.
My sparkling spirit is my guide.

Traveling is one of my greatest loves.

There’s nothing like immersing yourself into a new culture, learning the history of an area, sampling delightful new foods and drinks + finding a sweet spot to watch the local peeps go about their daily business.
Let’s be adventurers darling

But what I love most about traveling is…
Getting blissfully lost!

Yep that’s right, lost. Being swept-up in the vibe and energy of a place I’m visiting makes my heart SO happy.

We’ve all heard the saying, “life is a journey” but I believe with my entire curious being…that life is SO much more than that!  

By saying that life is a journey implies that you know where you’re heading – a definitive end point.

Sure you might know that information from day-to-day or even month-to-month but in my opinion, a journey feels like a freakin’ long-ass, boring car ride from point A to B.

There may be some cool sights that pass by the window along the ride but rarely do we stop to explore. Oh and no matter how cool that ‘thing’ was to see, all you can think of is…seriously, are we there yet? (groan)

Ok, life may be one massive journey…but real life happens when you become an adventurer.

It’s in these moments of adventure and play that life surprises you with amazing treasures and delightful hidden gems that you would never have found on a regular journey.
Let’s be adventurers darling

So darling, let’s be adventurers!

Before you grab your tote and wake your inner Dora the Explorer, here are my top tips for being a safe little adventurer…

Research the area: briefly Google, Yelp or use Trip Advisor to review the area that you wish to explore. The last thing you want to do is find yourself in a ‘dodge dave’ area of town and get yourself into trouble before you even begin.

Blend in: dress like a local. You’ll scream “Hey I’m a tourist, take advantage of me!” with a camera around your neck, sneakers on your feet, and your phone or map in your hand.

Don’t carry unnecessary valuables: keep your phone safely tucked away in your bag unless you really need it and take a larger bag to conceal your swanky camera. Depending on where you’re going, you may want to also consider what jewelry you wear.

Are you full of juice: your phone that is… not you! Make sure your phone has plenty of charge in case you need to call for assistance, book an Uber to rescue sore footsies, or use your GPS discreetly to plan your next move. I like to also carry a small juice booster as a backup in case I find myself in a pickle.

Always carry: a small amount of cash (in small bills), a credit card and an ID with an address.

Most importantly: always be aware of your surroundings, make eye contact with strangers that you walk by (gasp!) and listen to that niggling feeling in your tummy. If it doesn’t feel right, definitely don’t go there.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love to plan and visit the typical touristy spots but my spirit soars when I just let my heart and soul be my guide.

Now it’s your turn adventurer!!

Tell me what you love about travelling or letting your sparkling explorer run wild?

With love and gratitude,
Shelley Cohen