Does Your Morning Routine Need CPR?

Heart racing. Anxiety levels creeping. Heart racing. To-do list swirling around brain. Heart racing. Clammy skin…did I mention heart racing?

This was my reality – from the moment my big hazel eyes peeled open each morning.

At the time I didn’t give it a second thought – this had become ‘my normal.’

What I was totally neglecting to hear, was my body and mind screaming at me to make a change but the people-pleasing, can’t stop until it’s perfect, “yes” girl that I had allowed to take over my inner monologue was calling all the shots.


One morning in May 2013, my body’s silent screams for help caught up with me.

My racing heart began to beat harder.

My chest tightened.

I could barely breath.

My head began to spin.

I felt nauseous.

My hands were trembling.

That morning, alone in my apartment, I had an anxiety attack.

And I swiftly realized…   


My morning routine needed CPR…stat!

You see – I was approaching my old morning routine all-wrong.


Every morning rolled along something like this:

Alarm goes off.

Smack snooze 4-5 times.

Finally, in a panic, I reach for my phone and plow through emails and check Facebook.

Finally roll out of bed, in a groggy, yet panicked state.

Head to the gym.

Race home. Freak that I’m going to be late to work. Darn it – why did I have to hit snooze that 5th time?!

Shower, in about 60 seconds.

Try desperately not to mess up my eyeliner.

Rip through closet, trying on everything before huffing that I have no clothes that fit me, and finally settling on something that looks “meh.”

Self-confidence quickly pooling from my body, I whip my hair into a bun. Good enough.

Hastily grab purse {sometimes without my house keys in it – massive boo boo!} and RUN to the train station only to just make it to the platform at the train was arriving.

Grab mocha and a slice of raisin toast from the café at work. Hello caffeine + sugar!

Plop down at my desk and begin working through to-do list.

Rinse and repeat tomorrow.


Does my morning routine echo your own?

It’s so easy to get swept up into the craziness of life.

But in order to take care of our daily obligations and show up for the people in our lives, we have to take care of ourselves – first.


Be honest: does your morning routine need CPR?

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With love and gratitude,

Shelley Cohen