It’s here…

…the crazy-awesome event full of inspiring girl bosses you’ve been dying to go to.
…the mega HOT date.
…the interview for your dream job. The one you never thought you’d get. Ever.

You unravel every detail in your mind.
Daydream and dance at how the events will unfold.
And, suddenly, as feverishly as your excitement came…

… it vanishes.


Because you have NOTHING TO WEAR.

Before you face-plant into a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey, let me stop you right there, girlfriend.

Sure you have something to wear.
Everybody has something to wear!
And everything you need to make a sparkly statement is at your pretty little fingertips.

Sound familiar?

Oh babe, believe me, I get it – I’ve been right there right with you.

Your closet is not only full of clothes that never see the light of day, BUT it’s also stuffed full of emotions and has become the cushy home of that snarky voice in your head that tell you you’re not…

skinny enough, pretty enough, smart enough, popular enough; or good enough.

Well, if you’ve sssooo had ENOUGH of the enough…

It’s time to take back control of your closet and tell your inner mean girl to sit-the-freak-down!

Join me for the…

New Years Closet Cleanse Challenge

Sign up for the closet cleanse challenge

Where you’ll learn how to break-up with the clothes that are “shoulding” all over you, holding you back from chasing after your big dream, and tell you you’re not enough. Ick!…

It’s kinda like a juice cleanse but only way more funner!

In this free 7-day online mini-class that feels like a dance party with your besties, I’ll teach you how to design your dreamy closet with love and intention, by:

  • Becoming your own style detective and Nancy Drew your unique style
  • Creating a style map that makes cleansing + shopping your closet feel like a sparkly treasure hunt
  • Setting the scene to ensure your closet cleanse feels like a confetti poppin’ party and not a groan-worthy, boring chore…eewww!
  • Easily deciding on what items to keep, donate, sell, toss, tailor, and store
  • Organizing your closet so that you can swirl into your closet and feel like a supermodel in a snap

Are you ready to live your style, style your life and have your best year yet?

When will this Soiree Occur? 

The New Years Closet Cleanse Challenge happens online from January 10 – 16 – that means you can participate from anywhere in the world. YAY!!!

How does the challenge work?

Each day I’ll lovingly drop a closet cleanse lesson into your inbox – including a simple challenge for you to complete that day.

Complete your challenge of the day + post it in the Style Lovers & Glittery Besties Facebook group…our challenge playground.

Daily challenges will only take a few minutes and can be totally ‘selfie’ free if that’s how you roll. No pressure just loads of feel-good fun. I’ll be hangin’ out in the Facebook group providing input like your bestie and posting morsels of inspiration to help you out.

Oh and did I mention…there are prizes? Swoon-worthy prizes my love!

The Closet Cleanse Challenge is for you if…

  • you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear
  • you’ve outgrown the style of clothes hanging in your closet
  • you bought stuff because it was on sale…but never wore it
    nothing seems to fit you right
  • you’ve got a lot of clothes but no outfits
    you want to update your look but have no idea where to start
  • you’re uninspired by
  • your current wardrobe
  • you’re tired of feeling frumpy and are ready to fancy and feminine now…


Sweet lady, let me help you organize that hot mess of a closet so that you can set your best sparkly self up for the most productive day (and year) ever!!

With glitterbombs of love,

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