Two months ago, the clock struck midnight…

…the ball dropped. Fireworks lit up the dark sky. Champers was popped. Confetti was tossed. Maybe a lover was smooched…after shouting “HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

There’s nothing like the giddy excitement of a fresh start or a new beginning, to finally put those grand goals and massive dreams you’ve had swirling around your head, heart, and let’s be real…Pinterest boards, into action.

But what happens when all your big, bright plans seem to vanish like a magic trick just days, weeks or a couple of months into the new year? And instead, that fire and excitement that fluttered in your belly has been replaced with icky, heavy feelings of fear, overwhelm, being behind, failure, dread?

You freeze.
You get stuck.
You make excuses.
You over analyse everything.
You compare yourself to everyone.
You allow your sparkly vision to get swallowed whole by the day-to-day life vortex.

But worst of all, you give-up…put your hands in the air, throw yourself a pity party for 1, and shelve those amazing goals and dreams until next year…or dare I say, never to be thought about again!

This is what I refer to as a New Year’s Intention Hangover…and it’s currently running rampant amongst aspirational women and girl bosses…EVERYWHERE…including yours truly!

Today my gorgeous friend, I want to share how I cured my New Year’s Intention Hangover and re-lit that New Year passion.

Here’s how you too can get back to feeling inspired and taking positive action towards that dream, glittery plan, goal…whatever your heart desires and ultimately craves.


It’s time to get back to your true why.

What was it that you truly wanted when you set that New Year’s Intention?

Maybe you wanted to:
:: wear the fun things in your closet that normally get traded in for yoga pants and a messy bun
:: finally feel comfortable and confident in your body, living the life you’ve always dreamed of
:: take your business to the next level and be accepted for a speaking opportunity or two
:: incorporate more yoga or meditation in your day, to become more mindful and less stressed.

Picture yourself in the life that you want to create for yourself:
What do you see?
How do you feel?

What 1-2 inspiring or motivating words come to mind when you see and feel yourself celebrating your completed New Year’s Intention?

Write out your intention along with your inspiring/motivating words.
Pop it in a place that you’ll see everyday as you work towards your sparkly goal: in your closet, work space, fridge, car…wherever works best for you!

This will serve as a little reminder to check in with that intention and keep you feeling connecting to it…which intern will keep you in a state of sparkly action…maybe even pull you out of a funk on a day that things are feeling a little hard! (hey, we all have those days from time-to-time!)

Now get to work on that glittery plan and don’t forget to take a moment to celebrate what you achieve along the way…no matter how big or small!
Don’t let those thoughts of “Oh, I could have done so much more.” drift in. You’ve done an awesome job.

Just remember, some days you’ll get more done than other days…the flow will come when the time is right! Until then, acknowledge the amazing steps that you have taken because you’re THAT much close to realizing your BIG dream!


In other words, what I’m trying to say is…

If your 2016 is not turning out the way you planned in your head, heart or whatevs (umm, like over here!!)…wave your glitter wand…and start over when your heart and soul tells you it’s time.

Take a big deep breath in and let go of the feelings of being behind, not being where you want to be, guilt, overwhelm, scared, anxiety and other sucky non-self-serving feelings.

YOU CAN DO ANYTHING you put your authentic sparkle and loving devotion into.

If you’re struggling with any of these feelings right now, I want you to know that I have your back…100%! Like your own personal cheer squad – glittery poms-pom, cartwheels and you’ve got this pep-talks galore!


Now it’s over to you!

Hit reply and tell me:
“What New Year’s Intention are you currently struggling with and why?”

I’ll shoot back a response with 5 lovebombs of inspiration that will get you moving towards a life you’ll fall head-over-heels in love with!

Cheers to re-lighting your new year passion…without the icky hangover!

With love,
Shelley Cohen