Holy smokes Batman, I can’t believe that it has almost been a month since my last blog post! Well I can tell you that isn’t because I’ve been sitting around filing my nails all day and night!  Those of you that read my January Beauty and Style Favourites post would know that I don’t actually have any nails to file!  Lol…I’m still trying to grow them (actually I have resorted to acrylics to get me over the initial hump).

Girl With Pink Umbrella in RainFebruary was a full-on month, both from a professional and personal standpoint.  As I explained in my Happy New Year – exciting times ahead post, 2013 will be a momentous year for me for so many reasons.  I just wasn’t expecting all the excitement and fun to start right away!

So on this rainy ol’ Saturday, I’m getting myself organised and channeling my inspiration into doing what love, writing about my favourite subjects….beauty, fashion and lifestyle.  

You can look forward to seeing the following posts soon:
What would you like to know about?

Maybe you would like to know more about a beauty product, how to create a sultry smokey eye, style your favourite top, or beat those nasty sugar cravings.  Be sure to leave your requests in the comment section below.

With love and gratitude,
Shelley Cohen