Self Health Wellness - Joscelin CronkAs the clock quickly runs down on 2014, many of us will find ourselves reflecting on the year that was and planning our next move towards reaching our dreams during 2015.

If you kicked 2014 off with a healthy lifestyle resolution but are still flapping around trying to get your butt into gear (oh we’ve all been there…“I’ll start tomorrow!”…sounds familiar doesn’t it?), don’t despair or set fire to your skinny jeans just yet.

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Allow me to introduce you to holistic lifestyle smarty-pants and our very first Sparkling Spotlight interviewee, my gorgeous dear friend:

Joscelin Cronk, Self Health Wellness

Founder/ Personal Trainer + Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Welcome Jos!  Tell us about yourself.

I’ve been a Personal Trainer for seven years and a Holistic lifestyle Coach for just over two.

Year after year, I continue to have similar health and wellness related conversations with my clients so Self Health Wellness was first born as a blog.  There, I break down nutritional jargon and emotional barriers.  I teach you how to move and fuel your body in a way that is right for you.

I believe there is nothing more empowering than knowing what your own body needs for optimal performance, so you’re able live your dream life to the fullest, and having the ability to give it just that.

The blog has also allowed me to dive deeper into conversations I once wasn’t comfortable talking about face-to-face but are a huge part of my journey; like eating disorders and spirituality.

Self Health Wellness is now my business:

  • I run Personal and Group training here on Sydney’s Northern Beaches,
  • Holistic Lifestyle Consultations for clients all over the world via Skype, and
  • I’m just days away from launching the second round of my Holistic Health eCourse, Six Weeks To Wellness.
In a few words, describe your lifestyle philosophy?

I wholeheartedly believe in listening to my body and paying close attention to the messages it sends; it holds all the answers and can tell me exactly what I need.

I nourish my body with fresh, organic, well prepared, TASTY food and perform movement/ exercise that I enjoy and that stretches, opens, and strengthens my physical body and mind.

I know that for my health and to keep my mind positive and open I must get outside, breathe fresh air, get my hands dirty (whether it is at the beach, the bush or in the garden) and laugh often.

What advice do you have for those struggling with a weight loss or health goal, to keep them focused and determined to succeed?

[pullquote width=”250″ float=”right”]A lot of people say they want to lose weight or be healthier, but they don’t know or aren’t honest with themselves about the REAL reason why.  “I just want to lose a couple of kilos…”, isn’t going to be enough motivation when the bubbles get popped at your best friend’s birthday.[/pullquote]The most important thing for lasting success – know the real reason WHY you want the goal!

A lot of people say they want to lose weight or be healthier, but they don’t know or aren’t honest with themselves about the REAL reason why.  “I just want to lose a couple of kilos…”, isn’t going to be enough motivation when the bubbles get popped at your best friend’s birthday.

Ask yourself why you want to lose weight and when you find the answer, continue to ask why until you get right to the bottom of the ooey-gooey, juicy stuff.  “To fit into my old clothes…”, could end up actually being, “I’m lonely and I’m ready to find a partner, I need confidence to put myself out there…”.

When you know your TRUE why, motivation lasts.  When the healthy intentions you set get bumped to the side, it’s easier to pick back up where you left off from, and it’ll happen sooner.

My other tips for staying motivated:

  • exercise with a reliable friend (be picky with who you choose as your training buddy),
  • hire a trainer and make regular appointments,
  • fit movement into every day and think outside the box; date exercise until you find something that you LOVE (some days all I do is handstands in the backyard with my dog), make it fun.

One last thing, squeeze as much good stuff into your day as possible.  When your day is overflowing with healthy habits there’s not much room left for the bad ones.

If you only had 15 minutes free to workout, how would you spend your time for maximum impact?

I’d put together a circuit of 5-8 body weight exercises and get sweaty outside in the fresh air, doing as many rounds of the circuit as possible.

Add the big movements like squats, pushups, lunges, chin-ups or a body row, and get your heart racing with burpees (yuck!), step ups and maybe a short run.  Always use the last couple of minutes for a stretch. 

What is the biggest healthy lifestyle misconception that you have come across?

That there’s a perfect and fantastically magical formula out there for weight loss/ strength gain/ toning your arms or abs etc.  Companies and brands continue to bombard us with the next perfect plan – with the promise it is finally going to work this time, and give lasting results.

There IS a formula that is just right for YOU, but nobody else can tell you what that is (and I don’t care how much you pay them to do so), and so the magic is that you have the power within you to find exactly what works for you.

This is the type of guidance I give to my clients, to learn how to listen to YOUR body.

What items do you always keep on hand in your fridge?

Fresh salad ingredients; lettuce, spinach, tomato and avocado are always on hand because they go with everything.  Salmon, bone broth (don’t knock it till you try it!), eggs and activated nuts are staples in my fridge too.

What is the worst fitness/ diet advice you have ever been given?

Eat less and move more.  That wreaked havoc on my body and my hormonal system for years, that’s for sure!

Cardio or Strength Training?

Strength training, hands down.  But a combo usually works best, and like I said above, do what YOU love and what works for you.

Who is your idol/ role model?

In health:  Paul Chek  |  In Spirituality:  Osho  |  In Living Your Dream Life:  Danielle LaPorte

What is your guilty pleasure?

Switching off the computer mid-week on a sunny day and spending the whole day at the beach and in the waves.

What is next on the Self Health Wellness ‘to-do-list’?

Self Health Wellness is going to host half day events with hands-on workshops including: yoga, strength training, meditation, journaling and delicious food.

And totally unrelated, I’m going to land a backflip from the rope swing I used to play on as a kid; last time I only managed a few face plants, this summer it’s on!

Just for fun, ballet flats or pumps? Glitter, confetti or fairy lights?

Pumps! And Fairy Lights!

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Thanks so much for hangin’ out with us today, Jos!  I’m sure your heart-centred wellness tips will encourage anyone still spinning the wellness wheels to start making small lifestyle changes today!

You can gobble up more of Jos’ wellness wisdom at or get social with her on Facebook or Instagram!

With love and gratitude,

Shelley Cohen