Spike Your Water With 3 Ingredients | From Shelley With Love

Struggling with your daily water intake?  Or maybe you’re on a mission to kick the pop, soda, soft drinks or sugary flavoured water.  Why not spike your water with these three delicious, natural and sugar-free ingredients – it’s guaranteed to have you sipping down that H2O like nobodies business.  

One of the number one questions I’m asked is how to prevent acne, wrinkle and fine lines – and the first thing I alway ask in return is “what’s your water intake like?”

Beauty 100% starts on the inside – topical creams, lotions and potions will only do so much. We need to nourish our bodies correctly to get the most out of anything we do to it externally.

Our bodies are made of 60% water and we all know that we should be sucking down at least eight glasses of water each day, but somedays it feels harder than others.

Here is one of our favourite ways to snazzy-up that boring water – it comes with some surprising health benefits.

Time to Spike Your Water

Lemons, Raspeberries, Mint - spike your water.
Add to a Pitcher of Ice and Water:
  • 1 x small handful of organic frozen raspberries
  • 6-8 x mint leaves ripped in half
  • 6 x round slices of lemon

*Adjust these rough quantities to your individual taste.
I prefer using organic produce however, it’s of course not essential!

The Benefits:

Lemon:  is well known for its antibacterial, antiviral and immune boozing powers, however did you know that lemon is a great weight loss aid due to its digestive and liver cleansing properties – it helps eliminate waste products from the body by flushing out toxins.  It may also prevent the formation of wrinkles and acne on the skin!  Nice…

Raspberries:  are extremely high in antioxidants – Vitamin C, quercetin, and gallic acid which fight against cancer, heart and circulatory disease and age related decline.

Mint:  has one of the highest antioxidant capacities of any food.  It helps reduce seasonal allergy symptoms while calming and soothing an upset stomach.  Mint also helps with indigestion.


Those days that you want a little extra sparkle and fizz,
you could totally substitute your regular water for soda water!  


Lemons, Raspberries, Mint

Over to You

I want to know, how you like to spike your water.  Leave your ingredients in the comment section below.


With love and gratitude,

Shelley Cohen