Mirror Mirror Morning Makeover Challenge

mirror mirror morning makeover challenge

Imagine this…

Sunshine streams through your bedroom window.

You awake – effortlessly – at the exact time you need to.

You bounce out of bed with bundles of energy.

A dreamy yoga session followed by a luxurious warm shower with what feels like all the magical ideas popping into your head on how to finally achieve your stretchiest biz goals.

You apply your makeup in minutes – like it’s easy-breezy and – swoon! – it looks like you’ve had a full 8-hours of sleep.

You swirl into your closet and pull your favorite distressed denim jeans + floaty feminine top – slinking into the fabric…it’s cute, comfy and fits like it was made for your body.

Feeling like a total girl boss, you tousle your luscious locks (which have never looked better – by the way.) and finally, slowly savor a delicious breakfast of smashed avocado on toast with a lemon water.

With style and confidence that sparkle as bright as your work, you step into your home office ready to inspire and delight your clients.

Does this in any way resemble your morning?

My guess is…this is NOT how your actual morning plays out, every day.

It probably begins by smacking your annoying alarm clock, several times, before checking your emails and double tapping your way through you Instagram feed.

Groggily you roll out of bed and shuffling bleary-eyed to the kitchen to make a gigantic pot of coffee, only to spill on your sweats on the way to your home office (which is a cluttered mess and totally NOT like the IG pic you posted) but who cares, nobody is going to see you and your greasy bun anyway. Then you play on Facebook for an like an hour and binge on the latest celeb gossip…before you finally get to work.

Am I right?

The good news is… this fantasy morning routine so lovingly detailed above can totally be YOUR reality – without much investment in time or effort.

morning routine makeover challenge

Allow me to introduce the Mirror Mirror Morning Makeover Challenge: a FREE 5-day online class for girl bosses that desire to sprinkle glitter over their current morning routine and create new rituals that are rich in self-love, confidence, and style…to set yourself up for the most productive day, like ever.

It’s truly like a warm bestie hug from the inside!

If you…

…hate that your confidence levels depend on what you wear or how your hair looks
…have like zero time for a morning routine – you’re busy, I get it!!
…want the confidence in your body to wear what you love
…are sick of wearing the same 3-4 outfits that kinda feel blah

Then gorgeous lady, allow me to show you how to give your inner mean-girl the 1-2 ninja chop out of here and makeover your morning.

You can feel cute, confident and oh-so-stylish in just a few minutes each morning.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall help me feel confident + stylish, once and for all!

When and where will this soiree occur?

The Mirror Mirror Morning Makeover Challenge happens online – that means you can participate from anywhere in the world. {Yay!}

The dates: May 8 – 12

How it works…

Each day I’ll lovingly drop a morning makeover lesson into your inbox – including a simple challenge for you to complete that day.

Complete your challenge of the day + post it in our Facebook Group.

Daily challenges will only take a few minutes and can be totally ‘selfie’ free if that’s how you roll. No pressure just loads of feel-good fun.

I’ll be hangin’ out in the Style Lovers & Glittery Besties Facebook Group providing input like your bestie and posting morsels of inspiration to help you out.

Oh and did I mention…there are prizes? Swoon-worthy prizes my love!

Want a sneaky peek into the 5 Mirror Mirror Lessons? Girl, I’ve got ya!

Want more after day 5?

The Mirror Mirror makeover continues with a totally intimate, ‘bounce-frantically-up-and-down with excitement’ experience….but right now the cat’s still in the bag!

Mark your calendar for a 5-day lovefest that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated + obsessed with your real-time fantasy morning routine.

Your fantasy morning awaits you, gorgeous!

Click the sparkly button above to sign-up for the FREE 5-day online class & together we’ll create a magical morning routine that will have you feeling confident and stylish in a snap!

Got questions? Hit me up gorgeous.

I can’t wait to see you in class!

With love + confetti,

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