Suprise! I moved. Bye Baton Rouge

I haven’t posted a new article for quite some time, and there is a really good reason for it… Surprise! I moved…again.

Yes, that’s right. Two weeks ago I packed up my RAV4, buckled Herbie – my almost 6-month old Chinchilla Persian – into the front passenger seat and drove 583 miles/ 938 km from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Tulsa, Oklahoma. OMGEEE, I know!

For those of you that have no idea where in the world I’m talking about, I drew the below map for you…American friends, I hope I’m accurately representing your states!

One of the amazing side effects of moving 3 times in 1.5 years is – you really don’t have time to accumulate much stuff to get rid of. Oh, and not to mention I feel like the queen of all things moving organization and house staging now! ;)

Having said that, I don’t care if you’re moving internationally, interstate, or just down the road, I’ve done them all, and no matter how prepared you are, it’s stressful, and tiring, and at times, overwhelming trying to juggle a thriving little biz, sell and buy a house in just a few short weeks, while trying to keep your sanity.

I’m pretty sure I was just two flicks of a fluffy cat tail from being committed to the nuthouse. Lol.

Speaking of fluffy cat tails… before I go on, have you met Herbie? 
If you haven’t, here’s a cute lil’ intro to him:

Anyway, I’ve been getting A LOT of questions about why we moved and are selling our beautiful, brand new home. Along with what’s happening with my business now that I’ve moved, and where we are living, so I thought I would answer them all here…so here we go…

What made you move to Tulsa?

My husband was looking for a new work opportunity – so when the perfect job came up that had him back in the same city as his fraternity buddies (that he really missed), he asked me once he had the job if we could move.

As much as I didn’t want to sell our new home and say goodbye to our beautiful neighbors that had become dear friends, I would have been the worst wife in the world to say anything but ‘yes.’

Didn’t you just build your Baton Rouge home?

Yes, we did – and I shed many tears in the process of letting go. The house just had it’s 1st birthday when we listed it for sale. But I know she’s going to help the new owners make many lovely memories. Plus, I learnt so much during the process of building that house that I’m so grateful for the experience.

Are you going to build another house in Tulsa?

No. We actually bought a brand new house that was ready for us to move in.

Fun fact: I physically didn’t see the new house in person until the day we were moving in! Crazy I know, and a stark contrast to my Baton Rouge home which I was intimately involved in, from before we even broke ground.

Lesson learnt: Never trust your husband who thought the ‘what color is this dress’ controversy of 2015, was white (when it was actually blue!) to accurately describe the color of ANYTHING! Walls, tiles, exterior, gutters – he said everything was grey, when it was actually brown/beige!

What is your new house in Tulsa like?

It has a similar vibe to our Baton Rouge home – it has a wonderful layout and great bones…but it has a few areas where I need to wave my glitterwand to make it more our style.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever told you this, but I personally hate (with a passion) any form of the color brown in my home – beige, greige, chocolate (unless it’s in my mouth).

My style is light, and airy with lots of texture and pops of color and things that speak to my sparkly heart (you can see some of the pictures above of our previous home).

So it goes without saying that I plan to glitterbomb the crap out of our new house (wall paint color, lighting fixtures in some rooms, and tile in our master bathroom just to name a few projects) and the From Shelley With Love Sparkle Heartquarters – I’ll keep you posted on the updates.

What is your least liked part of moving and what is your favorite?

I least like the whole selling process – having to make your home ready for a showing at a moment’s notice…and being a girl boss that works from home…dealing with the constant interruptions.

I love unboxing and organizing everything at the other end…it’s like Christmas with your own stuff!!

What is going to happen with your business? Do you have to start all over again?

Until this point, all the services I have offered: 911 Style Me Pretty, 911 Style My Space, and You’re Gorg!, have all been virtual – 100% online experiences – so nothing on that front really changes.

However, I’ve been craving to get my hands back on some in-person projects – so watch this space for more on that, hopefully really soon!

What articles are coming up on your blog?

This question is super exciting because I’ve got lots content that you’ve been pulling together with you in mind. Here are just a few articles that are coming to your inbox really soon:

Of course, if you have a personal style, interior design or confidence question you’d like me to write about, simply email me here and let me know your Q so I can write an article to give you an A!

Well fancy friend, that’s about it for this personal update.

If you have any further questions about my move or moving/selling a home in general, feel free to join me and more than 700 other ladies over in my Style Lovers & Glittery Besties Facebook group.

Here’s to an epic new adventure!

With love + paint stained clothes,

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