When was the last time you hit pause?

Beep. Buzz. Ding. Ring.

Texts. Phone Calls. Facebook alerts. OMG, another person liked your Instagram photo!

That’s our world. And it’s no wonder we’re so exhausted by the end of the week!

Let me ask you this….

“When was the last time you hit PAUSE?”

No distractions. No email, book, music, TV, text, or the avalanche of time snatchers… social media.

I’m guessing it’s been awhile. Or – gasp! – maybe you’ve never really put everything on pause, all at once.

*insert slow nodding head here* (I know you’re doing it)

I TOTALLY understand. I’ve been there and was the self-appointed poster girl. No pauses for me. I had no time to pause!

Or, so I thought.

It wasn’t until someone gave me a truth smack that I realized hitting the pause button actually helped REFRESH things, so I was more productive, more energized, and wayyyy happier.

If you feel like hitting pause will make life crumble down around you, don’t worry.

You don’t need to pause for massive stretches of time.

Just try one of these 8 simple + sparkly ways to hit pause and experience immediate refreshment!

  1. switch that phone to airplane mode and find a lovely, quiet spot to just sit without distraction for 5 minutes (you can always increase the time, later!)
  2. close your eyes and focus on your breathing – nice full, even breaths – innnnn and out. Let your thoughts come and go as you breathe.
  3. practice gratitude – write down 5 things you’re grateful for in a notebook with sparkly pink pen.
  4. appreciate the beauty around you – take a walk and absorb nature’s true beauty: the color of the leaves, shapes of clouds, the smell of a flower, or squirrels bounding around the neighborhood playing without a care in the world.
  5. journal your feelings – this is amazing if you’re anxious or nervous. You’ll feel so much better when you release the cap on that bottle and set it free!
  6. take a social media sabbatical – try zero social media for one day or, if you’re brave, try a 30-day technology detox. Trust me, it will change your life!
  7. get out of your head and into your body – gentle movement is perfect for this: yoga, walking, stretching… back away from the running shoes!
  8. earth yourself – take your shoes off and wiggle your tootsies on a nice patch of grass, sand, dirt… anything but concrete, pavers, tiles etc. Reground and reconnect yourself.

Ready, Set, Pause!

Shelley Cohen