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A young, fresh-faced Kate Moss glistening on the cover.

Page-after-page carefully curated with images of perfectly styled, flawless young women.

Swoon-worthy décor, tantalizing makeup tips and trends I could never afford.

Topped with a soft hint of intoxicating fragrance, wafting from the pages as I eagerly flipped through… soaking everything in.


Press play to have me tell you this story…bloopers included!


It was March 1995 and my 12-year-old self was heading into a whirl-wind of change:

I’d just begun my first year of high school, developed my first all consuming crush on a boy in my class and…was introduced to the seemingly glamorous world of fashion!

OMG! It was love at first sight!

My new friend Jemimah had earlier lent me a magazine I’d never seen…I couldn’t get enough…so the very next day, I eagerly handed over two months worth of pocket money to the store clerk and practically skipped out of the newsagent with my new prize possession in a paper bag.

I had just bought my very first fashion magazine…it was Dolly!

From that moment on I was hooked.

I’d stick my nose in the glossy, sweet aroma-filled pages and be teleported to a magical fantasyland!

Dolly Magazine was just the first of many fashion magazines to come into my life over the next 15 years. That was part of the allure – as I grew out of one publication, there was always another one loaded with new ‘inspiration’ waiting in its place.

From the very beginning, these magazines had become my bible!

I took such great care of them – first hidden in my science text book, then closet (I was a young and impressionable girl, absorbing content that my Mum totally disapproved of) and later taking pride place on my bookshelf, kept in pristine condition, never to be thrown away….


And then something big happened.

Just like many women, for years I’d struggled with varying degrees of body image hang-ups.

What I didn’t realize was that subconsciously over time, reading these magazines had become less of an innocent, pleasure-filled, dreamy activity and had instead become a dangerous game of comparison and perfectionism.

These magazines had become fuel for my inner mean-girl, who was now well and truly calling all the shots.


It was time to take action!

I desperately needed to take back my power.

I told my inner mean-girl to “SIT DOWN” – I was in control now. The first step I took was to cut off her fuel source…sssssooo, I threw away all my fashion magazines and completely banned myself from buying another one!

Whilst I adored flipping through these magazines, I realized the images stood for unattainable standards of beauty. The women pictured in these publications weren’t flawless – there’s no denying they were/are stunning women, but at the end of the day, they are just like us.

They have:

  • skin blemishes,
  • cellulite (for realz!),
  • bad hair days,
  • bloating,
  • a realistic size thigh gap..or none at all..just like most of us; and
  • their own body image issues!!

I would no longer compare myself to a photoshopped standard beauty….I felt liberated!


So what did I do instead?

Instead of flipping through glossy magazines, I intentionally did things that would allow me sparkle and flourish:

  • I moved my body in ways that felt pleasurable to me: going to yoga, running, dancing to my fav tunes.
  • I focused on fueling my body with nourishing foods and let go of the guilt if I decided to treat myself to a cupcake.
  • I donated clothes that no longer fit but I was hanging onto because it was my ideal of the perfect size…I cut the tag off everything else.
  • I played with makeup as an expression of who I was and threw away the do’s and don’ts rule book.

Once I had my mean-girl back in check, I slowly started to re-introduce magazines and books that celebrate real women such as: Darling Magazine, Bella Grace and Lorna Jane Active.

Now that I’m back in the drivers’ seat and I understand what makes me sparkly and bright, I allow myself to enjoy the odd flick through a fashion magazine…but these days it’s with a totally different set of eyes, while wrapped in my cloak of self-love.

If you’re struggling with comparison and your inner mean-girl is calling the shots, I’ve created a couple of super sparkly goodies just for you:

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It’s time to tell your inner mean-girl to sit down, because you’re no longer prepared to wait until you’ve ‘lost the weight’ or until you’ve curated the perfect wardrobe of outfits. If having me as your personal life and style coach sounds like a dream come true to you, then head over HERE for all the details.


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With loads of gratitude, love and sprinkles of confetti,
Shelley Cohen