This week’s episode of “your get ready rituals” series is all about why what you wear affects more than how you look.

Let’s kick things off with two #reallife scenarios:

Real Life Scenario #1

You’re hustling through the crowd on a busy city street, minding your own biz, when – suddenly! – the sea of bustling people weirdly parts and you spot him (or her).

Your heart stops for a split second because you’ve just spied your ex-bf or frenemy or nasty former co-worker or some other judgy person from your past life.

And – oh shit! – they are walking your way.

A wave of panic hits you and a million thoughts begin buzzing through your mind:

“Why did I have to leave the house wearing these crappy clothes?”
“Of course I get caught on a day that my hair looks more shabby than chic.”
“OMG is he going to notice that I’ve gained like 10lbs?”
“Note to self – never leave the house ever again!!”

You can’t bare the thought of them seeing you looking… um, not your best, so you quick drop and shuffle sheepishly out of sight.


Real Life Scenario #2:

Today’s the day of a huge conference you’ve been super excited to attend, for months.

After weeks of outfit scrutiny, you settled on the perfect power piece. It’s a little more bold than you’d usually wear but here… you want to be noticed.

You perfect your hair and follow the makeup tutorial of your favorite beauty blogger, completing your look with a power red lip.

One last look in the mirror before you’re on your way, “dang gurrl, I look ah-mazeballs!!!

As you strut into the conference, you notice the confidence you left home with fall apart with every step you take.

You begin questioning yourself:

“Does this outfit really look THAT good?”
“Why did I have to wear such a bright color – omg, people are staring at me!”
“Wow everyone here looks so chic – why can’t I look chic?? Am I trying too hard?”
“Am I going to sound like a nervous bumbling idiot?”
“Uggghh! I’ve been here for like 2 minutes and nobody has complimented me on my outfit!”
“Should I run home and change?”

It’s too late to turn back now. Instead of allowing yourself to soak in every piece of amazingness the day presents, you spend the entire day fidgeting and tugging at your outfit, feeling self-conscious and over-calculating what your next move is going to be.

As a result, you make zero connections and barely remember anything you learned from any of the incredible speakers.

Here we have two totally different real-life scenarios – running into someone when you don’t look your best vs. a calculated look to impress.

I’ve experienced both of these scenarios firsthand. Yep, I was that girl running like I was being chased by a grisly bear away from an ex-bf in a grocery store. Only, I knocked over the cereal display at the end of the isle and drew the attention of all the shoppers in the area… including my ex! #notsodiscreet

Here’s the thing, when you leave the house wearing clothes that don’t make you feel amazing, you act differently – which leads to missed opportunities like job promotions, finding that dream guy (or lady), booking a new client, or getting that last pair of shoes you’ve been lusting over.


What you wear is your non-verbal way of communicating with the world.

At the end of the day, you don’t need to wear a sparkly ballgown and call the glam-squad to make-you-over to look and feel amazing every day. You just need to dress yourself in a way that feels great – for YOU.

Confidence Reigns

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With love and fairy sprinkles of confidence,
Shelley Cohen