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 Make your heart explode with glitter!
Previously on Achieving your Glittery Goals…

We all squealed, “OMG!” after realizing that the 7th month of the year, had just graciously knocked on the front door.

This shocking realization led me to ask the all important question, “Is your big glittery goal becoming a pipe-dream?”

Then we tossed confetti and celebrated all the sparkly (ahem, and not so sparkly actions) you’ve already taken, to seeing your goal, devotions, resolution, or dream…come to life.

Oh yeah, and we also talked about what to do if your big glittery goal was quickly turning into a big gloopy flop! Hey, it happens.

Missed the confetti tossing, dance party? I’ve got you covered HERE.


And now, onto this week’s glittery goal focus….

Does your glittery goal still make your heart explode with glee?

What’s the point in pouring valuable sparkly energy, time and resources into a goal that makes you feel blah?!

Or worse, seeing your glittery goal through to completions (YAY!), only to realize that it’s so glittery after all, and in fact, isn’t what you truly want or desire. (BOO!)

It’s time to check yo’ beautiful self!

Take a seat somewhere comfy and free from distractions – turn that phone onto airplane mode…I promise, it’s just for a hot second!

Light your favorite candle and then gently close your eyes.

Take a deep breath in (filling your lungs completely) and exhale any stress, tension, or any negative thoughts you might feel swirling around your body or mind. Repeat this 3-times.

Now ask your heart, gut, or intuition (whatever normally pings your spidey senses) this question:

Does my glittery goal still make my heart explode with glee?

Sit with that question for a minute.

Dig a little deeper than just settling on “yep, still feels good.”

  • Do you get butterflies or goosebumps?
  • Does your heart feel like exploding glitter and confetti everywhere?
  • Do you feel a little sick?
  • Does your body feel heavy?
  • Is your heart thumping in your chest?

Really listen to how your body responds – seriously, she has the answers!

Lean into that feeling even further – why do you feel this way?

  • If you felt butterflies in your tummy, were these excitement butterflies or maybe nervous ones?
  • If you felt sick, was that because this goal pushes you out of your comfort zone or something else?
  • If you felt heavy, was that because you feel overwhelmed or totally out of alignment with your goal?
  • If you felt thumping in your chest, was that because you feel scared, anxious, doubt or maybe fear?

Now open your eyes.
If you feel a YES – then you’re ready to dance your way into next week’s lesson.

If you feel a NO – I want you to know that this is totally ok…actually…it’s freakin’ awesome!
Sometimes during your journey to achieving a big glittery goal, you might realize that what you ‘actually’ want, is something else entirely or something slightly different from your original goal.

And love, that’s a great thing!

This is your opportunity to tweak your original glittery goal or start a fresh one, that aligns with what you actually want!

A goal that truly lights you up, will pull you towards it.

That’s not to say that everything will come easily – yes, there will be hard work involved and at times; frustrations, tears, and fears to overcome.

But when you feel pulled towards your devotion and feel truly connected to your why (read more here), those obstacles and challenges that you may face, help you step further into being your best sparkly self.




Here’s what I want you to do:

Write down your big glittery goal and how you feel when you ask your intuition, if your goal still makes your heart explode with glee.

Then…share your big glittery goal and how it makes you feel, over in the Style Lovers & Glittery Besties Facebook Group, for some love, encouragement or advice.


Stay in check with your intuition.

Check-in with how your goal makes you feel, every two weeks.

Then, tweak and tailor your goal to fit just like your favorite pair of jeans! And you know how good they feel?!

No more working on something that feels heavy and like you’re constantly pushing…ummm…well you know what….up hill.

Next week on Achieving your Glittery Goals:

We know that glittery goals without pretty plans are just pipe-dreams, right?! Ssssooooo, next week we’ll sprinkle pixie dust over your pretty plan…oh, and I’ll share my 3 sparkly secrets to a rockstar plan.

Keep taking those magical steps towards styling a life you love. And I’ll toss confetti with you, over in our Facebook group!

With love,
Shelley Cohen